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Friends of NCF - Namuwongo Slum Community
Friends of NCF - Namuwongo Slum Community
Friends of NCF - Namuwongo Slum Community
Friends of NCF - Namuwongo Slum Community

The project is based in the district of Namuwomgo, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. This area is home to one of Uganda’s largest slum communities and all of the work of Namuwongo Community Foundation is centred on this community.

It is hard to define the exact size of the slum, however it is within the range of ten to twenty thousand people. The inhabitants comprise a wide range of people, orphans, widows, refugees, impoverished Nationals who moved to Kampala in search of a better life and those who have simply fallen on hard times.

The slum is home to many diseases. The most common are HIV, malaria, cholera typhoid, dysentery and tuberculosis. Teenage pregnancy and the violation of young girls are prevalent in this community. There are many and varied circumstances which lead to families being child headed, grandparent headed, single parent led or orphans living together.

Physical dwellings are typically shacks made from timber, corrugated iron, locally made mud bricks and in some cases, concrete. The location of the slum is low-lying disused swamp land and rainfall in this part of the world is often significant leading to regular major flooding, leaking roofs and overflowing sewage and rubbish.

A common misconception is that housing in the slum is free; this is not the case. A network of landlords rent out these ‘shacks’ to people with little or no choice. Unemployment is very high in this community and the inhabitants face the stark reality of paying rent or eating.

Paying for an education is low on the list of priorities and this is why our fully funded charity school is vital. Education is the real hope for these people, providing an opportunity for them to move out of the cycle of poverty through education and training.

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