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Friends of NCF fully funds the work of the primary school in Namuwongo catering for children from Reception class into Year 7. Funding to support children into Secondary and Further Education is critical for the overall project and a few supporters choose to finance this through ‘Friends’.

Whilst this is not our primary focus it is clearly an essential aim for the Foundation.

Friends of NCF - NCF Student
Friends of NCF - NCF Student
Friends of NCF - NCF Student
Friends of NCF - NCF Student

When students graduate from NCF Primary School the next step is to move into local secondary schools. Even the state schools require a fee to be paid and there is also the option of attending local fee paying schools. There are several schools close to the project where there is already a good alliance in place.

Friends of NCF - Student group

A full range of curriculum subjects is available and because of their excellent start in the primary school, our children typically go on to be amongst the top performing students not only locally, but nationally in some cases.

Often these students require a boarding place at school due to the nature and demands of studying at this higher level. Where possible we try to accommodate this, as slum homes are typically very crowded and very basic and not suitable for students to study.

From secondary school our students can move into a range of opportunities if sponsorship is available. Some of our students go on to study vocational subjects such as hair dressing, catering, car mechanic or electrical and plumbing apprenticeships. The more academic students go on to study at University.

We have graduates in Law, Medicine, Business, Computing, HR and Electronics as well as Nurses, Medical Technicians, Teachers and Social Workers who have all started out in their chosen careers because of the support of NCF and the generosity of sponsors.

If sponsoring a student is something that you would like to consider, please get in touch.

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