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The core of this whole project is The NCF Learning Centre located right on the edge of the Namuwongo slums. This site contains (a) the NCF Primary School (b) the kitchens for the feeding programme (c) offices for Christine (Project Director) and Harriet (Administrator) (d) workshop and showroom for the ladies crafts (e) office for Lydia, our Social Worker, and (f) Clinic hosted by Nurse Agnes for the children, ladies and families.

Friends of NCF funded the purchase of this site in 2018 and fully funds the running of the school.

The Primary School educates over 250 children from the slum community at any one time. The school year runs from February to November with the main school holidays being in December and January. The Primary School has 8 classes starting with Top Class (Nursery/Reception) and then Primary 1 to 7. The Headteacher is Sir James Mwaule.

Attendance at this school is completely free. All educational materials and uniform are also provided wherever possible. This makes education accessible to the most needy in the slum community.

State schools require children to provide their own books, materials and uniforms placing them out of reach of those in the slum community who often have to make stark decisions about whether they can afford to eat or not. The Feeding Programme is therefore also an important part of the school to ensure that the children are properly nourished and can concentrate in class.

Academic standards at our Primary School are increasing year on year and some of our students are now achieving the highest grades both locally and nationally! Our school follows the National Curriculum and supplements it with additional teaching and activities.

A Certificate in Primary Education is essential for any form of future employment. NCF always aims to continue the education of their children beyond primary as long as financial support and student sponsorship is available. Children will typically go on to local Secondary Schools and some may enter vocational training at this point.

You can ‘feel the love’ as soon as you enter The NCF Learning Centre. It is a loving and caring environment and an oasis for the most needy in the slums. Children arrive early for school and often want to stay well after school has finished. It is a hive of activity with children coming and going, ladies from the slums coming for craft works and business skills and people attending the clinic. Out of hours, at weekends and during school holidays the NCF Learning Centre is still used for workshops, courses, ministry and craft work.

If you would like to make a one-off or regular donation to support the ongoing costs of running our school, please use the Donate function on this website.

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