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One of our sayings is give the gift of hope through education. You can support this mission by purchasing one of our unique gift vouchers that make really meaningful gifts for any occasion.

You get a beautifully designed gift card which clearly explains what has been purchased and has bespoke pictures that are relevant to each of the four voucher options. These photos have been taken personally by the Trustees of Friends of NCF on recent visits. There is space for you to write a personal message too. We will also include a paper envelope (recycled), a Friends of NCF envelope sticker and an information leaflet about the charity.

Friends of NCF - £10 Gift Voucher

10.00 Gift Voucher

Feed a child for a term

Friends of NCF - £15 Gift Voucher

15.00 Gift Voucher

Feed a family in the slums

Friends of NCF - £25 Gift Voucher

25.00 Gift Voucher

Secondary school education for a month

Friends of NCF - £50 Gift Voucher

50.00 Gift Voucher

Fund a school teacher for a month

Friends of NCF - £100 Gift Voucher

100.00 Gift Voucher

Support a family with social care


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